Friday, April 30, 2010

Here's a fun project for a friend....

I made my friend Tiger a cover for her Kindle, using this tutorial from the Moda Bake Shop.

This is the inside-

The instructions were great and came in really handy since I don't have a Kindle that I could use for size as I was making it. Tiger likes animal prints and all things jungle-y so I think she'll like this fine. It didn't take too long to make, either. I cheated just a little and sewed the binding down by machine, but it actually turned out really well and looks like it will hold up forever! The most time consuming part of this project is the decorative stitching that is between each strip of fabric on the outside, those stitches take forever. They add so much interest, though, that you have to do it.

The outside- instead of a piece of velcro, I made a strap for it with a cat collar clasp and thin nylon webbing.

Close up of the inside- I love this fabric! It's so vibrant and pretty. This cat's head is why I couldn't use velcro like I wanted to.... it would have covered up that pretty face.

Hope you like, Super Tiger!

Oh, here's a shot of Murphy and Beeswax on the zigzag quilt I made last summer, they lie on this almost every day on the foot of our bed. These 2 are siblings and just love each other. Murphy has crossed blue eyes and is so funny and sweet. Beeswax has green eyes and is smart and personable. I just love these boys! Usually they'll cuddle like this for a while. Then one of them will decide to wash the other one's head. Whether he wants it washed or not! Which then leads to a disagreement as the wash-er is holding the wash-ee down against his will. lol Since Murphy outweighs Beez by a good 3 pounds, he usually gets his way, unless Beez takes off and escapes. It's a laugh a minute around here!


Lara said...

haha - cute! I love that zig zag you made that year. Your cats have good taste!!

yarnivorous said...

Love the placemat in the last post and I just stumbled across Jodie's blog and who do I see won a prize there? LOL Jodie's quite local to me, measured in Pacific Oceans.
Our two cats rarely hang out together unless it is cold. Cheshire likes to "aggressively wash" Nutmeg and she objects to having her jugular vigorously washed, which leads to growling, hissing, spitting and eventually Nut holding Cheshire off with a paw on his face whilst she whacks him on top of the head with her other paw's claws! But we had sibling cats at one point and they used to curl up together too - so cute!

Anonymous said...

ST will love that cover, FB. I love the idea of the cat collar as a closure, too.

Gale said...

Gale said:

That's a lovely piece, FB. I absolutely love it.

Laura said...

Love the kitty washing story! Echo loves to snuggle with everyone and he also likes to interrupt Sassy's naps with a washing party and sometimes Tyrone's too. But he usually pushes it to far with Sassy by holding her down, like your guys do, and then she waits for him to get distracted by something (not too hard with Echo) and she takes off. He weighs at least twice as much as her, so holding her down isn't much of a problem!