Saturday, September 10, 2011

Been Sewing- Just a Bit(ty)!

While in Louisiana recently, I picked up some fabric to make a man's apron for our friend Lisa's husband, Richard.  We all picked out the fabric together, Jen, Lisa and I, so we're pretty sure he'll like this.  He does a lot of the cooking so it ought to get some use if it's not too hot in So. LA to wear it!  This side, modeled by my husband, is shrimp and crawfish and onions and peppers and all things spicy/Cajun, it's pretty fabric.  Has a nice big pocket for guy stuff, too.

 And the reverse is alligators!  Lisa and Richard live right on the bayou, so a gator in the yard would not be unheard of!  Eeeek.  I like her ducks, better!  :)  Richard is a wonderful host, as is Lisa, and Jen and I hope he likes his pinnie!  Enjoy it, Boo!

 I got all my bitties finished up, too.  A dozen toasters....

A dozen citrus juicers....

 ....and a dozen luna moths.

 Just for fun, I paper-pieced a blue lady bug, too.  This bug measures 1 5/8" wide x 1 7/8" long.


Now it's time to make some things for the Etsy shop, ugh.  I would rather sew for fun, ya know?  Making a dozen sewing organizers and a dozen crap caddies isn't all that much fun.  But, ya do what you have to do.