Tuesday, August 31, 2010

She's so corny!

As I said earlier, I'm doing another mini-quilt swap with a book theme. My partner, Rachel, picked Harry Potter or the Narnia books for me to work from. After much deliberation, I decided on Harry Potter and the Flying Ford Anglia. The Whomping Willow is an integral part of the scene, too. It was fun to make and Rachel and her kids like it.

The label on the back is a lightning bolt, to go with the scar on Harry's forehead that he got as an infant. The scar that burns when Voldemort is nearby!

This is Nosey Parker being corny- cuddling up with my ear of corn pincushion, a gift from a friend. I had given her a book I no longer wanted, a book of fancy pincushions and I knew I'd never make any of them. This one was in the book and it was my favorite. She made me this as a thank you for the book! I love it. Apparently, so does NP! lol Makes a great little pillow.

Oh, and the doll quilt I made, the blue spiderweb? It made its way to Australia and is now living with its new owner, Kate, from One Flew Over...

Now I have to wait to see what I receive from a different partner! I kind of love the wait, it stretches the fun out longer. There are some beautiful things being made and shown every day and it's so exciting to see who gets what!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I WON a doll quilt!

I don't win a lot of stuff, probably because if I see a giveaway that already has 400 people signed up, I don't bother, but sometimes I just have to join in! I got really lucky and won this little beauty, made by Carol, mamacjt, from Flickr. I am so tickled with it, it's just perfect and so cheery. I hung it in the stairwell going up to the craft room. Be sure to go to Carol's blog, she has so much talent and such a great sense of humor, it really shines thru in everything she makes. She is the resident Angel Mama for several swaps, which means she makes quilts and pincushions and all kinds of things to send to people who didn't get what they were supposed to get because their partner "flaked" on them and reneged on the deal. She is priceless and such a dear, kind friend to have and to have a piece of her in my house is a real treat! Thanks so much, Carol! I just love this pinwheel flower quilt, it's incredible!

Here it is hanging next to the placemat that I received from Sudi Laura. Looks good, hey?

I'm in another mini quilt swap, this month's theme is book-related. I can't reveal much yet, but this is a sneak peek of what I'm making for my partner, Rachel. She just happens to love green and purple. :) I should have it finished by tonight but can't show it to you until she's received it. She's supposed to be making me something from the book "Coraline". I've never actually read that book, but I LOVED the creepy movie!

My baby has gotten so big, she doesn't camouflage too well on her quilt anymore!

And this is what Nosey Parker's bite looks like now that it's healed. Temporary (we hope) hair loss. She's feeling great, though. The other day I was on the phone and looked out the laundry room window to see her about 10 feet up in the tulip tree. Next time I looked, there was no sign of her in or under the tree, which was good. I didn't think too much about it after that until an hour later when I went upstairs to find her up on the balcony, in 90ยบ heat! Gleeps, she climbed the tulip tree about 20 feet up and crawled over as far as she could and then she must have jumped the rest of the way to the balcony, I'm so glad that I didn't see that! The branches that get close to the balcony are SMALL! Brittle, even. If she had fallen, it's at least 15 feet down to the ground and part of that is concrete driveway under the balcony. OMG. I hope she never does that again! She's such a daredevil. She does NOT get that from me!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Is an original idea even possible anymore?

I was in my local quilt shop Saturday and they had some used quilting books for sale. I scored a great one for $4, called "Shoreline Quilts", compiled by Cyndy Rymer. $4, what a deal! Anyway, I'm in the shop, browsing thru the book before I realized the incredibly low price and what do I see? A beach quilt with a bottle with a message in it. *gasp* Hey, that's MY idea! I did it on a placemat for a swap a few months ago! I flip to the front of the book to see when it was published- 2003. Ooops. OK, so it wasn't my idea! In fact, my idea wasn't so clever after all, was it? Someone else did it years and years ago. Well, shoot! lol

Here's a shot of the one in the book-

And here's the one I did-

Pretty amazing, huh? I just don't want anyone to think that I copied this idea from the book and then claimed it as my own. I had not seen the book or those photos at the time I made my label in a bottle. Honest!

It's a great book, too, filled with unique ideas and uses of items in the quilts that I would have never (at least, I don't THINK, ever) thought of! :) Apparently, the local used book store saves up quilting books for the local quilt shop and gives them first crack at 'em. I (and you, if you quilt) need to start going to used book stores, the price was great on this one and the others I saw, too.

And there you have today's public service announcement. As you were!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The mini quilt swap, part 2!

Remember I showed you the piece I made, the mermaid looking thru the porthole? That's what I sent to Liz, and then a few days later, I received this from her. She does the most incredible work and she totally nailed my likes.... pirates, 3D, the beach, fabric, color, cleverness, everything! And, as you can see, she sent more! A set of coasters, 2 magnetic bookmarks and a really sweet beachy card. Booty, mates, that is what I found when I opened up the chest, er, package!

The most fabulous Capt. Jack Sparrow, check out the beads in his hair, the key in his hand, the ship on the water.....

...standing on the beach, glaring at the treasure chest...

...which is full of bolts of FABRIC! Is that clever or what??? I was dying, I thought that was so funny and unique and just incredible! The entire quilt is done with the most beautiful batik fabrics, and so many different ones. I just love this quilt, and I adore Liz for making it for me. The cleverness continues.....

To hang the quilt- 2 precious little keys that peek out over the top, they are so in theme, such attention to detail!

On the back, a little map is folded up and held closed with a dear little lobster claw clasp. SO precious. Unfurled, it reveals all the details of our swap.

Details blurred to protect the info from falling into
other treasure seekers' hands!

Big, huge thanks to Liz for totally making my day and week, for spending so much of her time designing and constructing this most wonderous piece for me, a piece that I will treasure forever! Thanks, sweet lady! I love your sense of humor and attention to detail!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Nosey Parker 0, Copperhead 1.....

It's that horrible time of year again- when it's so hot out that the snakes come out of wherever they normally lurk and bite my cats on their legs. Of course, the cat probably asked for it by dabbling at it like a toy, but I would still like to kill that bugger for hurting my baby. No, we didn't kill the snake but only because we never saw it. Our first clue was NP crying in the laundry room, near the door she uses to come and go. Blood was dripping off her right front leg and she was in so much pain. We first thought broken leg, then we found fang holes. Chit! This was about 1 PM.

From previous experience and vet recommendation, we gave her about half of a benadryl (mixed with water, in a syringe, by mouth) and hoped she would sleep the worst of it off. She didn't sleep for a long time, but finally she conked out, getting up about every hour to seek a new spot- under our bed, under the guest bed, by the balcony door, up on my work table, on a dog bed- she was very restless.

The swelling got worse after this photo, but I didn't want to stress her by taking more photos. Her paw got so big, I was worried, it got really fat and thick then it started going up her leg, but it peaked and finally started to come down. She was a little better by bed time, drinking water and ate a bit.

This morning, she is taking it real easy, up on my desk on top of a bunch of fabric that is waiting to be washed. Her daddy went to the vet's office to pick up antibiotics (liquid, won't this be FUN?) and to get Paisley's ashes. I feel another cry coming on. Nosey Parker is going to be OK, thank goodness. We were so worried because we weren't sure what kind of snake it was, we're lucky it was only a copperhead. I doubt that she's learned anything though, because the other cats never did. If it moves, it's fair game, as far as they're concerned. Beez has been bitten at least twice and Freddie Wheat, twice also.

I hate $%*&ing poisonous snakes, I'll tell ya that. I sure wish we didn't have any here. Baskets!

On a lighter note, I got the first hexie top assembled. I like it! My points cooperated really well, I only chopped the tip off of a couple of them and because I pinned the snot of it when I sewed the rows together, they all lined nicely. A couple of the edges are a little bit full, I'll have to beat it into submission when I quilt it, but I think it's going to be a great little lap quilt. I need some backing material, though. It measures about 46" x 54" or something like that.

I have another one the same size and shape to do, next. I'm a little sick of doing it, but I'm forcing myself. I have too many unfinished quilts right now, I don't need another!