Monday, August 9, 2010

Is an original idea even possible anymore?

I was in my local quilt shop Saturday and they had some used quilting books for sale. I scored a great one for $4, called "Shoreline Quilts", compiled by Cyndy Rymer. $4, what a deal! Anyway, I'm in the shop, browsing thru the book before I realized the incredibly low price and what do I see? A beach quilt with a bottle with a message in it. *gasp* Hey, that's MY idea! I did it on a placemat for a swap a few months ago! I flip to the front of the book to see when it was published- 2003. Ooops. OK, so it wasn't my idea! In fact, my idea wasn't so clever after all, was it? Someone else did it years and years ago. Well, shoot! lol

Here's a shot of the one in the book-

And here's the one I did-

Pretty amazing, huh? I just don't want anyone to think that I copied this idea from the book and then claimed it as my own. I had not seen the book or those photos at the time I made my label in a bottle. Honest!

It's a great book, too, filled with unique ideas and uses of items in the quilts that I would have never (at least, I don't THINK, ever) thought of! :) Apparently, the local used book store saves up quilting books for the local quilt shop and gives them first crack at 'em. I (and you, if you quilt) need to start going to used book stores, the price was great on this one and the others I saw, too.

And there you have today's public service announcement. As you were!


Lisa said...

I think it happens a lot. It always surprises me when I see a tute or even a pattern for sale closely resembling something I know I have seen before. BTW, I like your bottle better :-)

Anonymous said...

I like you bottle better. Great job.

Millie said...

I like your bottle better, and don't worry about original ideas being used before you.

by the way, you owe me a dollar.

Shayla Sharp said...

I suppose there's always someone who got to it first, but think of it this way...what if Monet had said, "waterlilies, its been done already"...

Unknown said...

Don't feel bad. I invented pinwheels! (It's true, I did. I just didn't know that people had been making them for hundreds of years. lol)

And then, I invented a super terrific way of doing a machine binding, and when I posted my tutorial on my blog, one commenter said "Well, that's how everyone does it. What were you doing before?" Oh....the unkindest cut of all.

Anyway - I think your idea is brilliant!! :)

Coffeebean's Dailies said...

How sweet! I believe you! You see how great minds think alike!!? You're good! Also ladies take heed and give your local used bookstores a look for these bargains! I'll do so when next in the States!