Sunday, August 8, 2010

The mini quilt swap, part 2!

Remember I showed you the piece I made, the mermaid looking thru the porthole? That's what I sent to Liz, and then a few days later, I received this from her. She does the most incredible work and she totally nailed my likes.... pirates, 3D, the beach, fabric, color, cleverness, everything! And, as you can see, she sent more! A set of coasters, 2 magnetic bookmarks and a really sweet beachy card. Booty, mates, that is what I found when I opened up the chest, er, package!

The most fabulous Capt. Jack Sparrow, check out the beads in his hair, the key in his hand, the ship on the water.....

...standing on the beach, glaring at the treasure chest...

...which is full of bolts of FABRIC! Is that clever or what??? I was dying, I thought that was so funny and unique and just incredible! The entire quilt is done with the most beautiful batik fabrics, and so many different ones. I just love this quilt, and I adore Liz for making it for me. The cleverness continues.....

To hang the quilt- 2 precious little keys that peek out over the top, they are so in theme, such attention to detail!

On the back, a little map is folded up and held closed with a dear little lobster claw clasp. SO precious. Unfurled, it reveals all the details of our swap.

Details blurred to protect the info from falling into
other treasure seekers' hands!

Big, huge thanks to Liz for totally making my day and week, for spending so much of her time designing and constructing this most wonderous piece for me, a piece that I will treasure forever! Thanks, sweet lady! I love your sense of humor and attention to detail!


Anonymous said...

Sooz, you were an amazing partner to have for this round. Your likes were so in tune with mine, so I had an absolute blast doing this for you. It is so rewarding to make something for someone who notices all the little details. And the biggest bonus was the best, best, best quilt I received in return. And it was FULL of amazing details too! I love my mermaid!!
Thank you for being such a wonderful swap partner!

Coffeebean's Dailies said...

This is soooooooocool! Congrats to the both of you for making and receiving this! I only wish I could partake in something like this!!

Jacque. said...

Wow. I am so amazed at this! Well, and at the ones you've done, too! The detail, the colors, the creativity! Fantastic!