Monday, May 17, 2010

Nosey Parker is officially FAMOUS!

I participated in another swap recently. The challenge was to make a mini quilt between 6" x 6" up to 12" x 12", using only black, white and one other color.
Look what came in my mail today- it's Nosey Parker, in a mini quilt! As I'm sure you can imagine, I just love this! A lady named Marilyn, she goes by Spiced Coffee over at Flickr, made this for me. It's so delightful, there's a little 3D butterfly near her ear, a beaded necklace/collar with a green crystal on it, tiny whiskers, beautiful green eyes, and lovely pieced work in a liberated fashion, it's spectacular! All the great black and white and green fabrics are just perfect and put together so well, Marilyn has a real eye and quite the reputation as a fabric or textile artist. She intimidated me quite nicely!
I was just thrilled beyond words, it's so precious! My baby, in fabric, for forever. This is so cool.
I quick put it up on the wall to keep someone from walking across it and getting those beautiful whites dirty! You can see the size here, I think.

I wanted you to be able to see the sweet face, the "chop" piece just cracks me up, it's so lifelike in person, those round little whisker pads, I love them! This is the cutest thing ever and I will treasure it always, thanks so much, Marilyn!
Marilyn likes crows and magpies so I made this for her. "M" is for Magpie.

Neither of us knew that we had each picked green to be our "other color", but we both have green craft rooms, isn't that funny? And we both love nature, cats, birds, bees, etc. And we are both cheaters. She opted to leave her quilt rectangular because it suited the quilt the best (fine by me!) and I cheated by adding a string of colored beads to the quilt to give it some color and because it suited the sneaky nature of a thieving magpie.

This is adapted (verrrrry closely!) to a piece of artwork by Matt Dawson, I cannot take credit for the stylized magpie. The M shape is all me, though! I was in a bit of a time crunch for this swap as we were leaving town for 1/3 of the month, so I cheated a bit and copied this bird and translated it into fabric. I like how it turned out, though and Marilyn likes it, too. Yay. lol

I learned something, too. I learned that I don't know the proper way to bind a sharp inside corner like at the bottom of the M or at the top, where it dips tightly. Good golly, that was tricky and I ended up putting those pretty buttons there to help disguise imperfections. If anyone knows the "real" way to do it, will you please share that with me? Thanks!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Power gli....gli....glitch..... Grrrrr.

We lost power on Thursday morning, about 5 minutes after I gave my husband an anniversary card that said "Come rain or come shine, we'll be doing long as we have each other! (And electricity!!)" Geez! We were laughing ourselves silly until it came back on and we discovered that we had lost a TV, a satellite receiver, a DVD/VCR combo and a clock and a $10 lightbulb, from 3 different rooms. And it's all the same stuff we lost 20 months ago when Ike came whipping through and wreaking havoc. We stopped laughing for a while, it wasn't funny any more. Well, he fixed the DVD/VCR combo. We bought a new clock. (It didn't work, we had to return it, another trip to WalMart, 20+ miles away.) We ran all over trying to find a part for the TV- the capacitor blew out- we had to order one online. The satellite receiver is being replaced no charge. We have had no TV since Wed night. We are missing the last 2 episodes of Survivor, which is just MEAN. A friend is recording it for me, though, thank you LIZ!!!!!

So, since we're leaving on vacation on Wed, we have to get as much of this stuff fixed before then AND clean the house and make sure everything is in order for our housesitter to stay here in comfort while we're gone. Sheesh, nothing is ever easy. The lawnmower broke, the parts place was closed, we're having monsoon rain storms, and the list goes on and on and time is of the essence!

To distract myself a little, I've played this week with the layouts for both sides of my hexagon quilt.

This side is mostly black. I arranged the mixed hexies to be somewhat orderly, by color, either greens or blues or reds, etc. I spent so much time on the floor getting up, squatting, bending, etc that I could barely move without moaning for 2 days afterward, man I'm out of shape!
This side is bright hexagons with mixed blacks and whites interspersed. I arranged this side so the warms are on one side and cools on the other, but not divided straight up and down, a little looser than that. I locked the cats out of the sewing area so I didn't have to worry about them scrambling up my layouts, this took HOURS and hours to perfect, believe it or not. Anyway, they're all stacked, numbered and put up safely until I can sew all 430 triangles together!

And here are 9 mini 3.5" quilt blocks for a swap I'm in. The challenge was black and white and one other color, I picked yellow. So I made wonky liberated stars and I think they look like nice little suns. I'll send 8 of them away and get back 8, each one black and white and one other color. Then we'll all assemble our mini blocks and make mini quilts!

I also made a mini quilt for a new friend in CA, I'll show you that in another entry, it came out pretty cute, I think.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The placemat swap is over--- I couldn't be happier!

Not that it's over, silly, I couldn't be any happier with the placemat I received from my partner, Isaacsmama, aka Sudi- Laura! Look at what she made for me and I think you'll agree- it's all fabulous and wonderful and very much "me".

Not only did she make me a wonderful placemat, she also made a matching, lined napkin and sent me some wonderful coffee and a chocolate bar that was so delish, I think it lasted about an hour in this house! Mmmm. Good stuff!

The placemat- look at this! So many pieces of fabric went into this little beauty and I like all of 'me! This was a lot of work!

You can really see the quilting more when you look at the pretty back.

And the tiny details- I have a crab and a bucket and shovel, I really can't wait to hit the beach in a couple of weeks, I am now primed!

Sudi-Laura and I have a mutual love of the beach and so we were PERFECT partners, I think, and we both came away very happy. I would do this swap again in a heartbeat. Thanks, SL! I love my goodies!

Monday, May 3, 2010

We have a winner! Two, actually, but just BARELY!

And I say that because obviously SOME people's children are too old and too cool to play the old children's game of "Bat the Corks About and Pick a Winner". Noooo. They have to lie there and look overworked, underwhelmed and hot. Pffffft.

It's a lovely pile of corks, is it not? Not that anybody USED them or anything. And don't mind the one showing #48- I'm a doofus and can't count. Didn't matter, though- the corks didn't move.

Look. Corks.

Whoopty Freakin' Doo!

So...... I enlisted the help of a man who drew 2 corks from a corrected pile and pulled out #11 and #21.

Translation- Susan R and Shelley! Congrats, girls and I'll be in touch for addresses so I can mail off your loot! Thanks to everyone for signing up for a chance to win and for all the lovely comments on my little blog and my little Mum and everything this year. It's gone by so fast!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's my blogiversary! One year.... woohoo!

One year ago today I decided to join the masses and start my own little blog. I've had lots of fun with it, showing off things I'm working on, happenings around our house, light-hearted things, and pet activities. Nothing too heavy, nothing too deep, nothing, I hope, too depressing. I've accumulated just over 100 followers, thankyouverymuch, and to celebrate, I'm having a little giveaway.

You don't have to do any jumping thru hoops or spreading the word, I'm happy having you guys here with me and I want you to have the best chance of winning. So leave me a little comment and be sure that I can reach you should the little white number generator (Nosey Parker will be whining about the child-labor laws shortly) pick you as the winner or runner-up! Because I don't like waiting, the sign-ups close at midnight Sunday and we'll do the actually drawing on Monday.

Up for grabs is a little bit of Moda's Authentic. There's a Dessert Roll, a charm pack and a set of 3 cotton dish clothes that I don't really want to give away, I like them THAT much! But I bought them with you in mind, so off they'll go. That's one lot.

Then, as a runner-up prize, I made a Scrap Sewing Pod for you, using my own Authentic material. Here it is with all the other stuff, but the winner of this is only getting the pod. It might have something inside it, not sure yet, but it's possible. Depends on if I get to the store this weekend!

I just got this pattern yesterday, online- it is an e-pattern, which is very cool and instantly gratifying! I found it, ordered it, paid for it (a whopping $3.29) and downloaded it and printed it out, all in about 5 minutes. No shipping, no waiting, love that! Anyway, I made one for the runner-up. It measures about 8" long and 3" wide and 3" deep. It'll really hold a lot. You can use it for taking supplies to class, jewelry on vacation, make-up, pencils, whatever, it's yours to do with what you please! It's a pretty easy pattern, too and I'll be making more of these. The zipper application is the EASIEST ever, so if you have a fear of zippers, this pattern is for you! I really like the trim (the black printing) at the edge of the zipper, I think that's a nice touch.

The framed photo and the rocks are not included in the giveaway. That is my mother in the photo, with her brother, Ted. She was in the Land Army, in England. I love this photo, that hat just frames her head perfectly and she looks so lovely. She's 89.5 this month! Gotta love the Mumster. She's such a hoot.

This is my other favorite photo of her- she's standing in Trafalgar Square and has a pigeon on her head. No, that's not my father. He might not be anybody's father- his name, according to my mother, is One-Nut Nick. *snork* She SAYS she only knows this because her cousin Joan told her. Um, hmmmm. Sure, Mum, whatever you say! lol Anyway, she didn't date him long, she broke up with him after he asked her to move in with him. This was the late 40's, I think.... scandalous! Mum had principles! And class. Yay for Mum! She's very Authentic. The real deal.

So good luck, people! Leave me a comment if you'd like to be entered into the drawing for a bit of Authentic fabric and towels, or the little pod.

This giveaway is now closed. Thanks for signing up!