Monday, May 3, 2010

We have a winner! Two, actually, but just BARELY!

And I say that because obviously SOME people's children are too old and too cool to play the old children's game of "Bat the Corks About and Pick a Winner". Noooo. They have to lie there and look overworked, underwhelmed and hot. Pffffft.

It's a lovely pile of corks, is it not? Not that anybody USED them or anything. And don't mind the one showing #48- I'm a doofus and can't count. Didn't matter, though- the corks didn't move.

Look. Corks.

Whoopty Freakin' Doo!

So...... I enlisted the help of a man who drew 2 corks from a corrected pile and pulled out #11 and #21.

Translation- Susan R and Shelley! Congrats, girls and I'll be in touch for addresses so I can mail off your loot! Thanks to everyone for signing up for a chance to win and for all the lovely comments on my little blog and my little Mum and everything this year. It's gone by so fast!


Brenis said...

Sooz,too funny! One of my cats absolutely LOVED corks, more than catnip or any toy we had! She would play with one for hours, and retrieve it like a dog, wanting us to throw it for her! LOL I thought it might have something to do with the slight smell of wine on the cork?? Who knows? But none of our cats since have had ANY interest! LOL! Seeing your pile of corks made me think of my old kitty and what a hayday she would have had with them :D

Lynz said...

When did she get so big?!?!? Look at her in that last photo. Geez. They're not babies long, are they?

And congrats to the winners!!

Dena said...

Nosey was on strike. How rude. She says she is not to be put to work only to look cute and get tangled in the netting you have across the staircase. Funny girl. Did I mention we think Fluffin is a girl? only 20 % of oragne cats are girls. THere is your tid bit for the day.

Anonymous said...

ROTFL :) I like the last photo. It looks a bit like she's thinking something like "Oh come on. I am meant for greater things than this!"

Susan R said...

I received my package and I just wanted to thank Susan for the darling fabric and tea towels. My mind is buzzing with all the ideas I have on what to do with this fabulous collection.

I love this blog and I've never won anything before so needless to say I am delighted and "still" excited! ~LOL~

Susan R