Saturday, August 1, 2009

She puts the "NOSE" in Nosey Parker.

Yep, that's my baby and she's growing up so fast! Used to be there was room for her and the mouse on the mousepad, now she completely covers it and hangs off the edge, threatening to ooze over the side at any moment. She's like a Slinky, very limber and fluid.

Our black cat, Sammie, is quite tolerant of her antics and attacks, but sometimes he comes crying to me to be rescued. She is relentless and when she's on a tear, she's impossible. She's had more than a few "time-outs" in her bathroom. And hairballs that aren't white. lol

"Mom? I'm on the interwebs! Am I old enough to see some of this stuff?"

"OMG! You need to put some safety filters on this thing!"

This actually Parker's favorite napping spot. This is in the stairwell going up to the sewing/craft room, the stairwell she fell down her 5th day here. Fortunately she didn't weigh anything so her landing on the hardwood stairs was soft and she didn't get hurt, just scared, but probably not as scared as I was. So now the stairwell is netted with "The Decapitator", because if I'm not careful coming down the steps, it'll get me right in the throat and jerk me off my feet. And she loves it, so I guess we're stuck with it until she learns a bit about heights and falling and danger and stuff. Right now she's young and stupid and fearless. And adorable. We just love her to bits, Nosey Parker is a fun little kitten and keeps us laughing all the time. This morning she was sleeping with me and decided to check out my ear. It's amazing how purring tickles. And nibblings kind of hurt. But I let her have it and played dead while she explored my ear and licked my lips, again. She loves lips, especially right after you've brushed your teeth. :O) My lips are so clean and exfoliated now, what did I ever do before N.P.? rofl (Sorry if that grosses anyone out.)


Susan R said...

Susan, NP is just the cutest kitten!! I love your pictures and the stories that go along with her latest antics. Regarding your nose and lips, it doesn't gross me out at all!! I once let my dog (he was about 10 months old) do a complete grooming job on my head and face one time. He always slept up by my head on the bed. I too played like I was asleep and he proceeded to groom me (yes lick every inch, hair and face) and it was the most innocent act of love coming from an animal that I've ever had. I loved it.

Gee, I hope I haven't grossed anyone out. ~LOL~


Anonymous said...

Nosey Parker for president!!!!

Susan said...

Oh, good, a kindred spirit! I know you what you mean, Susan and you didn't gross me out a bit. I bet you were sort of wishing you could return the favor to your dog, but refrained. lol

Peggie- I'm not sure I want her little white paw on the big red button, you know? She gets in one of "those" moods and is totally out of control, I dunno.... can you put the President in time-out? rofl

I am now going to sit on both of my hands to shut myself up in an effort to not alienate anyone this morning. :)

Jen_TX said...

What ADORABLE pictures! And she is growing up way too fast. I just love the nose shot. But the one of her spilling over the mousepad....just shows how leggy she is. It's like she's thinking..."Hmmmmm, this mousepad musta shrunk...I used to have plenty of room." LOL

I love her little pink feet while she's lounging in her hammock. I can't wait to get "decapitated". Or is it "de-cat-ipated"? LOL

All I can say is "Poor Sammie".....that little tuft of black hair in her mouth just says it all. Little sisters can be brutal!

Love all the pics. NP is such a special little girl and such a lucky one!