Thursday, August 20, 2009

Quilts and kittens.... oh, my heck.

Nosey Parker's a busy kitten and she keeps us on our toes. Speaking of toes- High Four Me, Man!

One of her first forays onto the back deck meant encountering a big, green locust. She was lucky to see it, usually Shanzie eats them before we ever see them. Ick. :) Artemis was supervising to make sure no animals were harmed in the filming of this event.

I don't know what the attraction is between cats and quilts (other than it's very one-sided!) but if you can't find Nosey Parker, you should look more carefully. We've learned this the hard way.

She doesn't even care if it's finished yet, she wants to lie upon it and snooze, after she's finished terrorizing the big cats and more recently- knocking lamps off of desks. CRASH! Nearly gave me a heart attack, little snot. But it's hard to get mad at this....

I plopped this freshly quilted zigzag quilt on the floor so I could get a photo of it, not her! Bam, she was on it like a duck on a june bug... but she was still a little dozy. Or bored. It's hard to tell which with her.

Who wants to come over and sew my binding down on the back of the quilt? Anybody? Please? And hurry, I want to wash it so it can crinkle up! This quilt is FOR the cats, it's for the foot of our bed where they lay most of the day. There's another one coming, too, as this will only cover one half of the foot.
Jim's been busy doing stuff around the house. Turns out- August is a lousy fishing month around here, who knew? So he's been splitting wood, washing rugs, helping me clean house for company, cleaning shrimp, mowing the grass, tinkering with his new chipper that he bought for parts for the splitter (same engine) and now he's gone to get a new/used push lawn mower as our old one finally gave it up after about 20 years of service, hard labor. It was Pops' before it was ours and he took such good care of it, but our slanty yard and unforgiving terrain finally did it in. It doesn't want to start any more so we're putting it out of its misery and getting a replacement.
Oh, and you know you might be a redneck if you take all your nice area rugs outside and PRESSURE WASH THEM. lol At least we got some of them dry and back inside before the rains came.... now we're scurrying around looking for a big flat dry area to lay out the last one. It's hard to do when it's monsooning! We got another inch of rain last night. We need the rain, I'm not complaining, it's the timing I'm bitching about.
OK, I'm going up to sew and stuff, ya'll have a great day!


LyndaG said...

I thought I was the only one with a creative use for power washing -- 45 horse blankets in one day. I now wish I had a blog so I could show you the trailer loaded with wet horse blankets! love the quilting that you did on the zigzag - I'm still collecting ideas.

Lynz said...

Dude, send me the cat, er I mean the QUILT and I'll hand stitch the binding for ya. I like that bit! :D I take it your rugs aren't antique Persian, then? Or maybe they are, who can tell with redknecks? *runs*

Cassie @ You Go Girl said...

Love the picture of disappearing Nosey Parker. It's like trying to find Waldo in a WHERE'S WALDO book.

MaryAnn said...

Can I cat-sit? I would love to have Nosey for a week. Love the camouflaged photo. She just disappeared into the quilt. I love, love , love your quilts. Wish I was more productive and would get started on a project like that.

Anonymous said...

*high fouring Nosey P*
I laughed so hard when I finally found Nosey in the quilt! She tickles me.
Hope you are having a great day.


jenni said...

You just make the cutest darn stuff! The colors in those quilts are scrumptious!
And speaking of cute...that cat can come live with me anytime.
I love her little pork and beans tootsies!!!

Susan R said...

Oh my...I want to tickle those toes so bad. That little Nosy Parker has my heart. She is such a doll and your pictures Flamey are so darn cute! She is growing like a weed huh? As always I love your quilts and everything you do; I wish I had half the talent you do!

Thanks so much for giving me my "Nosey fix". ~LOL~

Susan (who has washed and dried her rugs on the pavement before too...)

Jen_TX said...

That is absolutely the sweetest little paw I've ever seen (of course that's cause there aren't any claws showing!) And I actually snorted when I laughed at the "find the kitty in the quilt" picture. She is well hidden. But wow, she is growing so fast. Already being allowed on the back deck! I say NO. She doesn't need to know about all those outside dangers. LOL Keep her sweet and innocent.....well, ok, I gather from the stories she is long past innocent but such a sweet little girl.

Parker looks very comfy on your newest quilt. I think she knows it's specially for her. As all quilts are. LOL

Keep that camera handy. Ms. Parker has her own fan club you know. :-) How are the other cats adapting to her?

Susan said...

Nosey says thanks for wanting her and liking her little footie-wootie. Pork and beans, indeed!

And trust me, I'm more than happy to share her photos and antics, she's the life of the party around here, for sure.

This morning, at about 3 AM, she decided she needed some love and affection. She crawled up me, purring like a diesel truck and started giving me big wet smoochies, which I just love. She flipped herself in and out of my arms a hundred times, trying to find just the right position for sleepy lovin' and made some of the best bread on my neck with her sharp little nails. Fortunately she kept moving around so I don't have a mark. Honestly, I just looked in the mirror! lol We spent about an hour like this, with her purring and moving about, flopping down and squirming around and I have to tell you, those are about the best moments of my life. My heart just about bursts with love for her when she's like that. The rest of the time, it's laughing at her or yelling when she scares me. There's another blog post right there....

Parker and Sammie are good friends most of the time, he plays with her, even seeks her out. The 2 big boys, Beeswax and Murphy- they don't need her or like her. lol I didn't think they would, but they are fairly tolerant unless she's on a wild tear and then they try to slap her down, but while she respects them somewhat, it doesn't stop her from trying again. They do all eat together peacefully, which is nice. Beez and Murphy have each other though, and they're sibs so that bond is unbreakable, I think. It's nice that she and Sammie have each other now, Sammie was the odd man out for a couple of years since Freddie Wheat died. He's been alone and felt rejected, I think. We tried to make it up to him, but it's not the same as someone who will lick your ears and your face for you. :)