Friday, August 7, 2009

I love my mail lady...

...especially on days like yesterday! I had ordered some fabric last week and it all decided to show up on the same day, I think just to freak my husband out. He came in from getting the mail and grumping about how we needed a bigger mailbox. :) Nah. I just need a bigger shelving unit for all my fabric!
Inside the packages were almost 9 yards of assorted Heather Ross "Mendocino" fabrics, a lovely collection of mermaids and fish and seahorses and kelp, etc. I got some of the aquas, some fuchsias, some blush, just a nice mix. This is the nicest fabric, very fine cotton and as you can see, 9 yards is JUST a handful!
Nosey Parker says she doesn't know nuthin' about no fabric but says Mommy spends a lot of time right here, sitting and looking at it on the box.

Now if you'll excuse us, we have HST blocks to square up and fabric to prewash and press. Busy day here! I've got half of my first little zigzag quilt assembled and it's looking good. All my points are present and accounted for, yay!

Have a loverly day, people!


Lynz said...

I love Mendocino - I'm so sad there won't be any more HR fabric - at least for a while.

P.S. Do you have a box big enough to mail me Parker? She's too cute!! Or do you need her for the cat fishing? *guffaws*

Anonymous said...

Back off Lynz, Nosey Parker is mine!

Susan R said...

Susan those fabrics are beautiful. I love that designer but I don't see her fabrics too much. I'm not really familiar with that designer and I see someone wrote that maybe she won't be producing anymore fabric?

I can't believe how fast Nosy Parker is growing! What a doll.

Your zig-zag looks great!


Susan said...

Susan, if you go to and type in Heather Ross under "supplies", you'll see quite a few of her fabrics, some old ones that are very coveted and therefore very pricey and some new ones, like the Mendocino (which isn't all that new) and a new one that's made with a double-gauze fabric, it's called Far Far Away. Her work is charming and very whimsical. Honestly, I've never seen any of her fabrics in any of the shops I've been to, I only see it online. I read an article that said she's going to concentrate on other projects for a while, illustrating a childrens' book for one, and a sewing with childrens' book, also. It's sort of a forced hiatus due to a non-compete claus with a company. Bummer for all of us.

I'm really tempted to go to Etsy and snatch up a few of her fat quarters to use on the new wonky log cabin blocks, as the center pieces. I just love some of her pieces, they crack me up.

Nosey Parker and I snuggled together most of the night- she rubbed her face on mine, gave me smoochies, covered me with slobber and purred and cooked me for hours. I'm not sending her anywhere, I love this! lol Sorry, people, she has to stay put!

Jenni said...

Ahhh, all is right in the world when the mailbox is full of new fabric.
Did you know it breeds?? At night when we are all sleeping it multiplies. It must!! I know I did not buy all that fabric in my sewing room. I did not. I'm sure of it.
Your new quilt is looking right spiffy!!

Lynz said...

Dude. Quilting gloves? Rock my socks!!!! As do you. *grins* Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

May I use a pic or two of Miss Nosey Parker on my blog? I will link back to ya.

Hope you and the Blossom family are having a great weekend!

Susan said...

Permission GRANTED! lol Nosey Parker would be honored to make as many appearances on your blog as you would like, Peggie. Thanks so much for showing her off for me! And yes, we had a wonderful weekend, I'll have to blog about it, it's worthy! lol

Jenni, nice to see you! I hope my beach girl fabric doesn't mate with my sea turtle fabric, there's no telling what those creatures would look like/act like/sound like!

Lynz, you're welcome. I'm actually "paying it forward" as Jenni there is one of those nice people who is always sending ME things and giving me good ideas and helping me out a lot! I'm glad you like the gloves! Sure takes a lot of stress off your hands and fingers and wrists, dudn't it? That's something you'll appreciate more in about 15 years! lol

Anonymous said...

Why thank you Ms. Flossie :)