Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Destructo Kitty!

Oh, the lovely sounds of things crashing and breaking..... the joys of having a kitten that is into everything. Nosey Parker is enamored with this pair of lamps, they have a beaded fringe that just tempts her to nibble on them and if she can't get a good bite on it, she stands up taller and leans on them. CRASH! She's knocked this lamp over twice now, it falls a good 4 feet to the floor and lands on the base of a brass floor lamp, which is now dinged up good. Not only does the lightbulb shatter, the lamp refuses to work. So out comes the electrical meter and all the lovely colored wires that come with it! Oh, BOY!

And they're tasty, too!
Daddy loves a good helper and it's the least she can do. Is it really considered helping if she's the one who broke it in the first place? He got it working again, there was a loose connection after all the battering it took. Thank goodness for electrical engineers and rocket scientists. Not that I have any rockets that need fixing. Nosey Parker is just fine! lol
I'm not so sure about our safety net, though! Sammie has taken to napping in the middle of it. It's a good safe (he thinks) place to be and very comfy. Parker likes to snooze nearby, if she's not chewing on his ears in the middle there, aggravating him. Keep in mind, Sammie weighs a good 11 pounds or so. She's probably 4.5 pounds by now. I can actually feel her now when she stomps across me in the night. (And night-time is her best time! She's so cuddly and sweet and gives the best smoochies at night, I just love that.) Anyway, I keep checking the net for trouble and stress spots. I would faint if it failed!
And how about all these cute legs? Do you think she feels safe on Daddy's lap? Or sort of on Daddy's lap..... there's a bit of slippage going on. :)

There's your Nosey Parker fix for the day. Truly. The lamp is fixed. For now. Any bets for long it stays on the top of the desk?


Susan R said...

Oh my...I'm sitting here with my coffee and so enjoying my "fix" for the day. I'm laughing out loud and this is a good thing for a Tuesday morning! I have a question. Exactly what is the net suppose to do? It looks like a huge butterfly net that catches soft furry kitties. Too cute. I remember the days when those sweet little kisses or ear tickles would lull me to sleep too. Having kitties is great isn't it? I love love love the last picture. What a cutie and you can tell NP has Pops wrapped around her pink paw!!

Thanks for the fix, I really feel good now!!

Threeundertwo said...

How fun to find your blog! I'm really enjoying going through your posts. Love your sewing room, your quilts, and especially Nosey Parker! I'm afraid we've resorted to a squirt gun around here to try to get the kittens to stay off the counters. Have you heard of earthquake putty? It's a sort of clay you can use to help a lamp stick to a table. Museums use it. Might help keep things in place a little. Some antique stores carry it.

Lynz said...

Susan, the net is for the little known sport of cat fishing. Big up in the Arkansas wilds, so it is. *grins* Kidding!

Sooz, she really is the cats miaow, ain't she? Holly keeps asking if you've put up any more photos of her (Parker, not Hol!)- I tell her no. Well, she'd only want one, wouldn't she! *g*

Susan said...

Thanks for all the fun comments, ladies!

Susan, that net is to keep unsuspecting and hapless kittehs from falling through the railings from the sewing room floor to the main floor of the house and possibly injuring themselves. I've had 2 of my kittens fall thru before and they land about 7' down on a solid oak step, ker-plunk. It scares the hooey out of me and it can't be good for them. Murphy fell about 6 years ago and Nosey Parker fell about 8 weeks ago, she'd been here a whole 5 days. Murphy hated that stairwell for weeks afterward. NP was only slightly rattled. Now they all run back and forth across the net, they nap in it, play and tussle in it, make it sag, it messes up my hair and makes me duck my head coming down the steps every day and you know what? It's all worth it because I'm pretty sure no one is going to get hurt besides me. lol The net is one of those decorative ones that people use on the pool decks and stick shells in, I guess it's like a real fishnet without the stench. :) And you're right, Daddy is doty about the baby, as am I. He's a good dad, too. He spends a lot of time on our crew of 7.

Threeundertwo, I enjoy your blog a lot, too! Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you'll come back. I have some of that wax stuff but so far I'm just moving things out of her reach as much as possible or putting things away. I figure once she's older she'll calm down, especially once she hits the great outdoors, she'll probably only come inside to sleep and eat and cuddle, I hope. That's what the other cats do, anyway. I've found that indoor/outdoor cats are less of troublemakers than the strictly indoor ones, more distractions I guess.

HEY HOLLY!!!!! Can you HEAR ME? Mummy is pulling yer leg, little lady! She told me she'd love a kitty so keep after the old mum, OK?

And Lynz- I'll have you know- I am not the cat fisher around here, I don't even eat fish. The MAN is the catfisher! I have photos to prove it, too, don't make me post them! You can almost smell the little stinkers, so please- just take my word!

MaryAnn said...

LOL love the pics and story. I think NP has the man of the house wrapped around her little paw.

c said...

i adore my 3 cats
i have lots of plastic and velcro
I would velcro that lamp down after it gets fixed or one screw into the table thru the lampbase would prevent it crashing