Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lots to show- received swap items, weather predictions and more!

 First, the weather prediction- we cut open some wild persimmon seeds.  See the spoon shapes?  That means we're likely to have a very snowy winter.  If they were knives, it would mean cold, sharp winds.  Pretty cool, huh?  It's usually pretty accurate, too.

 I just recently received my FLiQS quilt from my wonderful partner, Jana/megmormel.  I just love this little circle/rainbow quilt, it's darling and so well made!  She also included a mug rug and some salt water taffy, she lives on the Eastern Seaboard.  It's delish and I just loved everything, thank you so much, talented Jana!

 Lovely, isn't it?  She pegged me very well, she knew I loved rainbow/bright colors and those lovely grays in the background are the perfect foil for the brights.

 The back is darling, too.  She embroidered and pieced the label. 

 In the Bitty Block Bee, bouncypoodle/Pattiann picked sunflowers for her theme.  I made her this screen door block with a view out onto a farm scene.  The cute fabric is by Wilson & Wilson Folk Art Co, here in Eureka Springs.  It's several years old and I've been hoarding it.  :)

 The door opens....

 A few little 3D touches...

 I let the fabric do the sunflower work for me this time.

 And the other block I made for Pattiann- the center is full of seeds, all outlined by machine.

 Since the FLiQS quilt I made has been delivered, I can now show off the label.  It's a kaleidoscope quilt so I thought I should make a kaleidoscope label.  My partner was mollyjolly/maria and it turns out, she's always loved kaleidoscopes, which I didn't know.  Lucky coincidence for us, I think!

 I used a piece of Kaffe Fassett fabric, embellished it with beads and covered it with heavy vinyl.  Added a tiny binding and then stitched it on to cover the end of the hand-appliqued base.  It will swivel up so she can see the words.

 This is the front of the quilt, almost all Kaffe Fassett fabrics. 

 And this is the wonderful mug rug I received from Jodie/jm1122 in the Scrappy Mug Rug Swap!  I love it, it's got 2 sea turtles on one side and a fun octopus on the other! 

 She also send me generous pieces of her background fabrics because she knew I really liked them and treats for the dogs and cats, how sweet was THAT? 

Bizbee highly approves of the treats and has taken over part of the computer armoire, 
I think he likes my mouse!

So it's been a busy few weeks around with great stuff arriving in the mail and ooohing and aaaahing!  I hope you've been having fun, too.  I'm trying to think of a project to get me going.  We're going thru some issues with my mom and her health right now and I could use a distraction.  I'm tossing around using some of my bitty blocks to make a perpetual calendar. If I can BEAR to use some of them, that is, and if I can make myself actually make a real decision, I'm turning into a waffler and I hate that!


Sandy in Buenos Aires said...

I LOVE all the quiltie love you've received !!! I'd be thrilled with all of them !! And the bitties you made for Pattiann ar sooo cute !!! i love the see-through door, what a great idea for the theme !!!
Your FLIQS quiltie is AMAZING and I would have loved to receive it !!!
Needless to say, Bizbee is a cutie smart kitty !!!

Jo said...

Wow your postman has been busy delivering all of those goodies and goodies they are. I can't believe some of these bitties, and I must go and check them out. Did you see how Sil is displaying her little blocks? Instead of buying albums you could make one and that could be your project. Sorry to hear about your Mum, hope things improve for you.

Sandy in Buenos Aires said...

Somehow I missed reading the last bit. I'm so sorry to hear your Mom is having health problems, i know what that is and hope she gets better soon.

sallgood said...

You do such great work! :D
I've never heard of persimmon seeds to predict the weather- I'll have to try that out... :D

Lynz said...

Oh, shit, Sooz. I hope things work out for your wee Mum. We've been having all sorts of grandparently problems lately and it is HARD.

Fabulous, sickeningly good work as usual. Reckon I could give you a run for your money with the cute kitty pics, though. Our Temple was sliding down the bannister on his bum yesterday!

eva said...

Bizbee has been sick???? OH NO!!!
is he home, and getting better???
LOTS of smooches, and more smooches to him....

Michelle said...

Love the screen door with its itty-bitty handle!