Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bizbee's been sick, but we think he's going to be OK!

 Last Tuesday night we realized that the baby, Bizbee, wasn't feeling too great.  We got him into the vet's office on Wed AM and he was running a high fever of 105º and they thought he might be a victim of what is commonly called "bobcat fever", aka cytauxzonosis, a highly-fatal illness that runs rampant around here.  It's a tick-borne illness and bobcats are the carrier of the tick.  

We had to leave him there and he was put on IV fluids and antibiotics.  He was one sick little cat.  Well, not too little, he weighed 7 pounds and they were pleased that he's a big boy and up to now, very healthy.  We visited him on Thursday and got him to eat for us, which was huge, and again on Friday.  Sat AM they called and wanted us to bring him home for the weekend and see how he does.  

We're giving him his meds here, 2 different things, one is 3x a day and one is 2x a day so we had to write it all down so we don't get it screwed up.  LOL

While his blood tests are not showing the cytauxz organism, they really think he has it and is fighting it off.  They've seen a lot of these cases and says he has the look about him, especially in his eyes.  We trust our vet completely and she has the nicest staff, they all love Bizbee to bits, he came from there and they know him well.  

We were SO worried, and our house felt really empty without him.  It's wonderful to have him home, even if we have to take him back tomorrow morning for more tests and treatments.  I hope they let him come home again, but we'll have to see what they say.  
Here he is last night, resting up for bedtime.  :)  He's guarding my little pile of fabrics that are waiting to be washed.

 And this is Bizbee this morning- see how he's working on that bandage?  Lil' brat!

 I just love when cats yawn.  :)

 Yep, we're all tickled that he's home!

 It's been a very unproductive week between running back and forth to the vet's office and spending lots of time with my parents.  I have absolutely nothing to show off that I've made. 


Cindy Sharp said...

But you just showed off a happy cat! Sorry your friend has been ill.

Jo said...

Time to sew tomorrow (or the next day) but cuddles are needed today, and that is what we are there for. Keep well little man. x x

Chris said...

He looks happy to be home with you. Hope he's feeling good soon and back to being a little imp.

carol said...

I hope he's back to being his old self in no time flat. No fun when a "petchild" is sick.

Susanne said...

I hope he will get better soon! :) I just had to bring one of my cats to the vet for physiotherapy for a few days. The remaining cat and I felt very lonely last night.

Anonymous said...

But you've made a wonderful friend in your kitty. Here's to a speedy recovery! XOXO

Susan R said...

What a sweet boy. I hope he's up and around really soon. How scary for all of you. I've never heard of this illness; do you have to watch all the animals now?

I remember Sadie being so stressed about moving (last year) that she got herpes! I had to hand feed her from a spoon and it was sad seeing her go through that...but she finally got better and the move has been wonderful, for her and me as well.

Love and hugs to Bizbee (and you!)


Karen said...

He does not look so bad.
Some times having the kitty at home doing the iv & other meds is easier on kitty than staying at the vets.
We did that. IV two times a day, liquid pills twice a day & log her visits to the potty box. She recovered, and I think we love her that much more.

Wishing you and kitty the best.

Josie said...

Yeh! I love it when cats yawn too.. never fails to make me smile. Hope your gorgeous boy is doing much better now....

Unknown said...
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