Saturday, July 14, 2012

Just a few bitty blocks to show...

  The theme this month for bitties was "dogs", so I used a clipart piece for inspiration and made these-
little pups in the bathtub.  The ears are 3D but I tacked them down because they had a tendency to flip up.

 In the Bitty Block Bee, Denise's theme is mushrooms, so I made her a faerie ring.  I love this one, it's different from what I usually make, I embroidered the tiny mushrooms onto the dark green.  I like the light green fabric with the rings on it with the birch/aspen tree trunks, looks really pretty. 

 And this is her other one- the magical musical mushroom!

 I stitched the lettering on by tracing the letters onto vellum and then laying the vellum on the dotted fabric and a piece of newsprint under the fabric.  Stitched on my lines and then had to pull off the vellum from the top and the newsprint from the bottom, then tie off all the threads.  That took a while! Then I sewed the top of the mushroom all the way around to another piece of dotted fabric, sliced the back piece open and turned it and pressed it.  Then slip stitched it down onto the background, after making and attaching the stalk, using the same method. 

Turned out good!  Reminds me of a place in Orlando I went to a few times in the 70's- The Infinite Mushroom.  It was a fun head shop full of wild and crazy and colorful things that came in pretty handy back in my youth.  *ahem* 

Bizbee continues to grow and now there is only one place in the house that he hasn't been to- the top of the computer armoire.  Oy.  It won't be long though- he saw Gravey jump up there from the rolltop desk and he's been plotting and scheming ever since!  This is the same launching area where he knocked over 2 lamps just a couple of weeks ago.  Kids. Sheesh.  And boy kids are even tougher than girl kids!  He's knocked over more stuff than Nosey Parker and Gravey combined.

We love him to bits, though.  He gives the best head-butts and rubbing smoochies on your face and nose and chin, then he licks you with the roughest little tongue ever.  We call him The Exfoliater. LOL


eva said...

he is the CUTEST.....and we've seen that very same plotting and scheming little face in our home too..
best kids ...ever...

LimeRiot said...

I love both of your mushroom blocks! The colors and concepts remind me of the "shroomie" hunting I used to do with my Dad.

Nanette said...

Infinite Mushroom!! haha, the second location is now a Jason's Deli, the best sandwiches, but I remember that store.

Sarah said...

Your bitties are stunning and detailed as always. Bizbee is just adorable I wanna give him a hug. I invite you to link this and other cat posts to my Friday Feline Linky Party :)

Anonymous said...

can u tell me the name of the main kitten on he title it a mix breed Persian kitten....we have a same one like this it looks like they are identical except they have ad different collar...they are just same.....cant believe u have the same one like it yours???
add me on g.mail...plz

Susan said...

Shajeea, her name is Nosey Parker and she is just a white short-haired domestic cat, nothing fancy about her, no pedigree, just a pretty, fun white kitty.

Thanks for asking!