Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Mug Rug time! And NP's evil twin sister makes an appearance!

It's time for Spring Mug Rugs!  Here, the early bird is hoping to catch a little worm.  Eeeek! 
The artwork is from a rubber stamp from rubberhedgehog.  This company makes great rubber stamps!
I changed the hat to a beanie.

 Spring really IS here, though and it's early, too, just like that bird.  Our redbuds are just lovely, there's a hill that runs all along the back of our house and keeps going, and the redbuds are plentiful there.  This is taken from my balcony- looking down into the redbuds, thru the tulip tree, is even more beautiful than viewing them from below.

A red and aqua mug rug with a clock that wants to wake you up to the fact that 
Spring is almost HERE!  Yay!

And the good Nosey Parker modeled for a mug rug, sniffing on some tulips!

 Her evil twin is a tad cranky that Daddy is messing with her during her nap.  She looks mean, doesn't she?  Good thing she's a lightweight, small cat!

 The ears are a clear warning! "Don't touch me with that thumb again, Mister!" 

He did.  LOL

I hope you're having a pretty spring, too!  We sat out in the sun for an hour yesterday, it felt great, but the mud-daubers are just awful right now.  I'm so glad they aren't aggressive.


LimeRiot said...

These are all wonderful. I especially love the 'wake up world' rug! Your kitty is precious :).

Cindy Sharp said...

You work always makes me smile. Thanks for sharing it.

carol said...

More to add to my favs! Keep um coming!

Annie said...

Your mug rugs are always to funnest! I love the early bird and wormies beanie. Nobody messes with the Parker! Not nobody! Not no how!

Sue Niven said...

It really does feel like spring! Love your post and your kitty mug rug is adorable, just like your kitty! that really did make me laugh!

Mari said...

It had been a while since I had been here, and boy there was alot of fun stuff here. Always a great inspiration :-)

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

What sweet mug rug! Thanks for sharing!

eva said...

i come back to have a look at the "ears" photo on a regular basis.... its such a PURRfect puddy picture!! they are so-o-o clear about their messages.... and this picture captures it SO well!!

great photography - at just the right moment!!

Karen Baking Soda said...

Found you through Pinterest. I love your mug rugs! So pretty and detailed.

We "own" a white cat as well.. a couple of sizes bigger than yours I'm afraid.