Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Disaster waiting to happen- with your iron!

 I don't usually give any cleaning advice, like I don't give cooking advice, since I don't feel qualified, LOL, but I had to pass this along- beware of what is lurking in your iron!

I was pressing something when this mark appeared out of nowhere, on the muslin that I have lying on the towel that is my current ironing board cover.  Feeble, I know, but it works.  

What the heck is that mark?  That is what it looked like after I touched it.  It's like soot, but it's not soot.  It's LINT!  Soft, fluffy lint and the only place it could have come from is ..... that iron!

 See all that, in between the sole and body?  Horrors!  It must come out!  
Obviously, I never look in there. 

 It's not real noticeable, unless you're looking down the crack.

 Here's what I used- paintbrush was a dud, the chenille stem worked great and the canned air finished it off nicely. 

I got more marks on the muslin while doing this, too, which made me mad because I was being really careful.  That stuff is sneaky, it spreads like crazy (don't sneeze!) and makes stains that are darn near impossible to get out.  A Tide pen is handy if you do have a disaster, though.

I strongly encourage all you quilters to check your iron because if it's happening in mine, it will happen in anyone's.  Good luck, be careful!  Oh, P.S.- this stuff accumulates inside your sewing machine, too and can and will fall out at THE most inopportune moments, while you are sewing on something white!  Another good reason to keep your machine maintained and cleaned and oiled.  :)


carol said...

Lint in the iron? Who would have guessed?

Bouncypoodle said...

Wow! I had the same problem a while ago and just couldn't figure our where this "crud" came from.

Ok I'm "running " up stairs to look at my iron...thanks for the heads up Flossie!

Bouncypoodle said...

Ok I ran up stairs and looked and sure enough, the black "Crud" was lurking under the sole plate!


I had several "crud smears" like this when I was on the home stretch of a mini project. I just could figure out where the little invader came from. And its was a dickens to remove!

Wow thank you so much for sharing. I'll be sharing this with my friends!

You need to come up with a name for this so you can become famous in the "Urban Dictionary" Flossie!!! Lol!

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