Friday, January 8, 2010

Stash post........ this is almost embarrassing...

My quilty friend Lara suggested this, taking stock of what we have..... and a smart person would have straightened up the mess before photographing, but I didn't. I do it every month or so, though and it's almost time to do it again, but it seems like the minute I get it all straight, I start a new project and trash it immediately, so I'm beginning to understand the futility of it all. lol Anyway, here's one shot of it right after I got the hutch and put my fabrics into it. That was July, I think. This is super-tidy, it is not like this anymore.

This is now- fabric stacked 2 layers deep with more on the sides when there's room..... Blues and purples on the top, pinks and greens and novelty fabrics folded on the middle shelf, red, orange, yellow, black and white and Kaffe Fassett's on the bottom.

More fabrics on these sides- muted fabrics I rarely use and fabrics that are reserved for special projects and batiks-

In the drawer- a layer cake and jelly roll and yardage of Neptune and a pattern for a Candy Bar Road quilt, some Authentic, a quilting booklet and a whole big bunch of Mendocino.

I think I've bought a little too much fabric lately. I'm afraid to open the drawer and the glass door at the same time in case it decides to fall over on me! I would just die. Not from the crushing blow, but just thinking about the mess it would make and the shattered glass and wood.... oy.

And then in the little hall up in the sewing room, I have a shelf unit with a fabric cover. In it and on it are overflow fabrics, battings, interfacings, paints and boxes filled with color-sorted scraps.

Seriously, I need to go on a fabric diet. This is pretty ridiculous and even I know it. I just wish my buddies would quit showing me the wonderful, cute things they're making out of the new fabrics that are always coming out!


Leslie said...

i need to take stock of what i have too! i was awake in the middle of the night last night thinking that i really needed to clean out the huge mess that my fabric closet had turned into.

dolores said...

Susan....I don't think it looks messy at all...I LOVE it!:) What a great stash.

Yes, these peeps we know and love are enablers....but when they show something that is no longer in print...UGH!:) wonder Nosey Parker thinks she is queen of the cabin in the Ozarks...I would to if I was your blog header!:)

Lara said...

That's one beautiful stack of fabric Susan! I love that hutch... it's gorgeous! What a lovely way to store your fabric.

It'll be fun to watch your stash :) We can help each other bust our stash - and buy some more!

jennifer said...

can you come to my house and organize my studio? sheesh.... if only mine was that neat!! but if i went on a fabric diet, my attempts at organization would actually work. i have more fabric than space to put it.

Rachel Locke said...

I am so WAY jealous of your fabric. I might just come up and "shop" through it when your not looking :)