Saturday, January 9, 2010

Revamped Ironing Board Cabinet with Selvages...

In my last post, I showed what the ironing board cabinet looked like with a pink floral fabric in the door. Here's what it looks like today.
Inside- please notice my winning wall hanging compliments of Lynz. I think it's just perfect in there and I'll see it ALL the time. Thanks again, Lynz, I really love it!

That bit of lime green inside the cabinet is a permanent reminder to me of why you shouldn't paint a room that gets little natural light, lime green, no matter HOW much you love lime green. :) I painted it again, 2 shades lighter, the minute my husband left town for a few days. I'm not sure that he has ever noticed the change! lol I couldn't stand that much lime green, though, it was photographing nicely but in person was such an overwhelming color and it had a gloss to it that made it even worse. This is much better!

This cabinet is right next to the hutch that holds all the fabric, so I dug out my selvages that I'd been saving and lined them up on a piece of Warm and Natural and sewed the down. I also marked several lines on it to help me from running off level as I sewed.

Once they were all on, I trimmed it and then added a backing fabric and used the pattern on that to quilt them together. I basted around the edge after trimming it again to size and then I hot glued it into the frame. I didn't have any pretty cord that was big enough to cover the raw edges so I covered some cord with a bias piece of fabric that went with the colorful selvages.

Close up of the cord- it looks like spline, but it only covers the raw edges.

And the exterior- fabric by Paula Prass.

And Nosey Parker is SO sweepy! Actually, I sweep and then she jumps behind the broom and scatters my pile of debris. What a girl. :)

Her daddy sees her like this and says "she's retracted her landing gear." lol Spoken just like the pilot that he was. And honestly, I DO mop, but the floor sure looks dingy in this photo! It must be the artificial light! Yeah, that's gotta be it.


dolores said...

Susan....that is fabulous!! I never remember to save my selvages!:o

And Lynz.....I can't believe she is worried about DQS8 when she makes incredible things like your little wall hanging!! You heard me worries!!!!!:)

Melinda said...

It turned out great! I love it.

karen @ badlandsquilts said...

Wowzers, that cabinet is just great. I loved the piping to finish it off, very professional, reminds of very snooty fabric covered walls that would always have piping... Very nice & creative.

Lynz said...

Oh wow, look at those selvages! I don't keep mine - oops. I think I might start.

Blame the cat for your manky floor - she's obviously not wiping her paws before she comes in!

(P.S. Thank you, Dee, I'm not so paniced today!)

Lara said...

Show off... hehe love it! What a lovely way to remember all your gorgous prints!

Coffeebean's Dailies said...

Hi! I was playing around on my blog ( and wanted to try a new template when I saw at the top of mine 'next blog'. I came across a lady whom referred to your site which I have been to before regarding the sewing caddy! My question to you is WHERE DID YOU GET THE IRONING BOARD CABINET!!?? I love it and what a great space saver!! I live in the Middle East so would need to order in online?? Love your site!!

yarnivorous said...

Heh. I've just painted three patches of lime green in our bedroom. I love lime in a bedroom, especially when it gets some sun, but I can't find the right lime green. Wall paints are all too dull at the moment - not clean bright colours at all.
(Not that I am commenting late or anything)

sallgood said...

Hi! I LOVE how you used your selveges! My whole quilt group saves our selvages for one in the group who's making a whole selvage quilt. (I think your small ironing cabinet quilt is the perfect size!)

Teresa Wilkison said...

I love the ironing board cover and your sewing room is very nice. It looks like a wonderful place to be creative.