Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wow, what an honor!

Pardon me while I blow my own horn! Toot! Toot!

My Hooters! quilt won Quilt of the Week at Fabric, Patchwork and Quilting, a Flickr group.

I'm shocked, there was some really stiff competition, one of which was my friend Dena's quilt, it's a stunner. The fabrics she used, the borders, the colors, I like everything about her quilt. Oh, and the quilting, too! I really expected her to win.

Anyhoo, I'm flattered and excited, especially since I'm really new to this whole quilting gig. This quilt was #5 for me. I had fun making it and I love all the colors and fabrics in it, so I know it'll make me happy to have it around. And I learned a lot while making it, too, thanks to John, Quilt Dad, who taught us all how to make wonky log cabins!


Lynz said...

WOO-HOOO!!!! Way to go, Bum-girl!!! A deserved win, I think, it's one of my favourite quilts, EVA!! You clever cookie, you.

karen said...

Congrats - well deserved. You know I love your hooters quilt but really nice to get broader recognition.