Friday, October 9, 2009

Rude awakenings and cereal killers....

Mmmm- Twangy!

Last night was a doozie- we had storms all night and lost our satellite reception, so Jim headed off to bed early and I worked on my wonky quilt until I could barely keep my eyes open, I'd been up since 3 that morning. I headed to bed but the beasts were restless and wouldn't settle down. I ended up taking Paisley out in the pouring rain because when she has to go, she really has to go. She's so good though, rain doesn't stop her. Can't say that about the other 2 sissies- I think they held it for about 12 hours until their daddy went out in the rain with them. He took Paisley out again at 2:30 AM and while they were out, we had the biggest rumble of thunder I've ever heard- it went on and on and the whole house vibrated and shook, I thought we were having an earthquake! Poor P- she hates thunder and lightning and we have to leave a light on in the bathroom if it's dark outside so she won't see it as much. She didn't like being outside when that happened. I don't blame her. I was scared and I was in the bed!

Anyway, we finally were getting some good sleep (me with a pillow over my head to block out the light) when KA-RASH CRASH CRASH crashcrashcrashcrashcrash tinkletinkletinkle!!!! What the HE!! was that and even more importantly, where did it happen? Jim leapt up, the kitten disappeared under the bed, the dogs got riled and I ......... sat up. lol The clock says- 3 AM. Again. *snork* This is getting to be a habit.

Our hearts were pounding, we'd never heard anything like that before. Next thing I know, Jim's out on the front porch and I hear him sweet talking our orange and white cat, Beeswax. It's still raining out and the cat is out in it. Whatever happened scared him, too! He finally got him to come up the stairs and into the house, dried him off, came back to bed.

So? What happened, you ask? I'll show you.


It's a giant margarita fountain.


It's a big fat mess. 500 little green glass marbles and broken glass. Oh, did I mention? Our bed is about 3 feet that way <<<<<. Jim thinks Beez was trying to get our attention so one of us would open the front door for him. Well. He DID! Little jerk. I just can't have anything nice anymore! My fountain is toast. And I have 400 more little marbles to pick up. I need a nap.

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Jen_TX said...

Silly Beez....making Mommy lose her marbles! LOL Your storm came through here about 7 am this morning. Of course our power went out and didn't come back on until 10 am. Buddy didn't seem very concerned about the lightening/thunder although he sure wasn't about to go outide. Poor Paisely, that woulda scared the tinkle outta me too! I bet everyone is feeling worn out after a night like that.

Good to see Miss Parker eating her Oatey Oats....wouldn't want her to have high cholesterol! LOL That should help counterbalance the ice cream she was nomming on the other night. heehee