Sunday, October 25, 2009

Not for the faint of heart or mouse-a-phobes!

No, I don't know for sure what's causing the glowing eyes in the cat door, probably it's our dog Artemis, he's a peeker, but then it IS almost Halloween, so there's no real telling......

It was a busy, busy night at the Blossoms' house.......... Murphy, Beeswax and Sammie obviously were having a little too much fun, because you can see what we found when we opened the door to the garage. Not one, not two, but THREE little mouse corpses. Jim was surprised that there wasn't yellow crime scene tape and little numbered markers all over the steps. (Now, come on- that's funny, you know it is!)

The biggest shock isn't really the numbers, it's the fact that none of these little victims made it all the way through the cat door like they usually do. Sometimes they're dead and we find them on the rug (stop bringing me presents!) sometimes they're hiding under the washing machine and waiting to be captured by the ever-ready live trap and occasionally, you'll see one drinking water out of the dogs' bowl. (Brave? Stoopid? The jury's still out.)

This is what you get when you live out in the woods and have 4 mousers. I only know that Nosey Parker is innocent in all this because she was locked in the bedroom with us all night. She would LOVE to get in on this action, though, and has actually caught her first live mouse, in the house, where one of the big boys brought him in and released him. We call her "The Closer". rofl


Lynz said...

Nobody move, there's been a murrrrdur! (that's a Scots detective drama "Taggart" joke - I couldn't help it even if it's not international!). My friend finds dead mees in her wellies!! It took a couple of squishy toe shrieky moments for her to learn to check inside before shoving feet in!

mua-ha-ha. Word verification is tines!!! Would you like a fork with that?

Susan R said...

Oh my goodness!! I wouldn't look at your post at the KT, (your warning skared me) so I said, "well let's see what's going on with Flossie this morning). BAM!!! I almost spit my mouth full of coffee all over my iMAC screen!! Geeze...can't you start off with a little piece of something you made lately?

Seriously, I thought it would be worse, (like blood and guts worse) so this isn't too bad.

Your posts the last two days makes me think you might have gone over to the DARK SIDE. Yikes. Of course Halloween is not far off so maybe that's what happening out there in the woods of Arkansas.

Susan (here in California we would dice those little critters up and sauté them in garlic and olive oil)

Rebecca Maples said...

I wouldn't think Lynz would find this post very funny, (considering her affection for the little rodents and all). My old cat brought in a lizard present for me once. It was still alive, and when I let out a yell, she dropped it. We had quiet the time getting that lizard back outside where he belonged!

Unknown said...

Ours left us a mostly-dead froggy in our living room this weekend. Lovely.

SueWis said...

I had a "present" left in my shoe once. I was cramming my foot into it like one of Cinderella's stepsisters before I realized there was something soft and warm in there. After I dumped it out it was big and still alive. Yikes!

Susan said...

Man, it's a zoo around here! Meeses, wusses(lolol) lizards, froggies and shoe invaders, YIKES!

NP told me a live one was under the hutch this AM, we finally caught him in the live trap, unharmed and relocated in the Witness Protection Program! He was happy to get back outside, I think.

OK, everybody stay safe! Rebecca, don't worry about Lynz- she knows I didn't put on a contract on the meeces, it was um.... an ACCIDENT! Yeah, the cats accidently killed 3 mice that night.

*guffaws just a little*

duckyhouse said...

Oh man that is taking me back to my cat days...except my cat always brought them in the house alive. As much as I loved my cat, the mice i did not. Now I own a dog and I think he would be more afraid of mice if he ever saw one. lol
Great story!

Helle said...

LOL I do love cats and even mouses too - but if I should make side, if will be the cats :-)
Have one naughty and pretty catlady too - she fabulous to catching mouses and also birds.
Thank you for share you funny stories and also for have a such a great quilt blog - love all your colored stuff you make...and..the sewmachine cover - just wanna make it some day.
Hugs from Helle