Sunday, October 13, 2013

Rearranging in more ways than one....

 So since I really hated for the perpetual calendar/bitty block project to end, I came up with a way to show off a few more of them every month.  :)  I made an accompanying piece to hang next to it, and finished some of the extra Halloween bitties that didn't make it into the small banner on the top.  I love this, I get to look at 8-10 more fun bitties every month.  I just sewed them together with a single piece of batting in the center of the sandwich and then finished the edges by couching on a piece of rattail cording. 

 I also made an event tag for the holiday and surrounded it with a few of my cute Halloween pins that were given to me by a friend.
Now I'm pulling out bitties for November/Fall/Thanksgiving to finish.  I had to order different colors of rattail cording, my bright ones weren't going to work at all.  Gosh, I love Etsy, you can find almost anything there.

And I've been a little busy reorganizing the craft/guest room.  I bought this handsome walnut chest for a SONG at an indoor flea market and with some strong man-help, got it up 2 flights of stairs to the hall between the 2 rooms.  I then moved 2 other chests that I had into the hall so I have a line of them now and a place for some much needed lamps.  Those drawers are all filled with sewing/crafting/quilting supplies (except for one that holds extra towels and soap for the guest bath which is right across from the chests) and it's very nice looking and much better than the old metal shelving unit and all the stuff that accumulated next to it.  Love this so much!  I was trying to get built in cabinets there in that hall, but this is even better. 

It was fun rearranging, I don't get to do that much in this little house, so I had a great time. 

The cats all like it, too.  The youngest one thinks it's great fun to stand up and smack at that little drape while he hides behind it.  They just love it when you move stuff around, it's so exciting for them.  

So that's what I've been up to.  Hope you're having a nice autumn, too!


dolores said...

Heheheh...guess my little pumpkins didn't make the cut!!;)

Yep...wooden chest is so much better than metal shelves!

Susan said...

LOL, Miss Dolores! You might not have made it into the October lineup, but November is just around the corner! ;)

Sharon B said...

Love the Bitties - these are new to me though - do you design your own patterns?

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