Sunday, September 29, 2013

Long time, no blog~lots to show

 First things first- these adorable little animals were what I received in the FLiPS pincushion swap, from my friend Pattiann aka bouncypoodle at Flickr!  She made me 2 amazing creatures, a bunny with a hexagon carrot and a cat that looks a lot like our Murphy!  Bun-Bun and Murph-Murph are enjoying life with us now, and I just love them!

We have a long driveway!
Time for a rest....
...and a tickle-attack!
We left a light on for them! 
Made with German mohair and fully jointed, they are very special!
I took some time while the Bitty swap group was in hiatus to make a few things for me.  
A little tote for a travel sized iron-
  It unfolds to become an ironing mat-
 ...and it is pretty, too!  Fun little project, this pattern comes in 3 sizes!  It's by Sisters Common Thread
 Then since I liked that so much, I kept going- I made a whole matching set.  Yes, I love things that match and I love to make stuff like this.  I made an insulated cover for my little Clover stick iron, a tote to put it in, a small ironing pad for it, and a little tote with an attached lid for the tools and burn cream, ha!  :)
 The big tote- inside...
 ...filled, mostly...
Late addition- a tote for my swiveling rotary mat and ruler...
The zipper makes it easier to get in and out...
That's a lot of 1" squares!
 The tool tote, attached lid...
 Like the other pieces in this set, I had no pattern for this, just made it up as I went along.  The girls at Flickr really liked it a lot so I'm about to post a tutorial for it so you can make your own.
We took the summer off but now the Bitties are back- this month, Weather.  I made a beautiful day. 
 And there's a tutorial out there for this little sewing kit- I made it longer and used 2 elastics to hold it closed. It uses plastic canvas inside, very clever!
 Here's the tute for this...  it's by "UK lass in US".

So that's what I've been doing, in addition to helping take care of my Mum.  Next up- my tutorial for that little tote with the attached lid!


SewLindaAnn said...

Thanks for the tute on your lidded case. Do you have any idea where the tute for this little sewing kit is? the link didn't work. Should I just search on Flickr?

Susan said...
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Susan said...

I fixed the link, thank you for letting me know!

Susan said...

"tools and burn cream"! :P Can't wait to read the tute for that. Cute set! :)