Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hardback Book Cover for E-Reader... a mini tute-

 So I have this e-reader and I really want to take good care of it.  The thing itself is a tiny bit slippery and I'm worried about dropping it or having a cat stand on it and break it.  I needed to make something that would protect it and also make it comfortable to use at the same time.  I love books.  I love holding books and turning pages, and I kind of missed that.  So I thought it would make it a book-like holder.  I went to the local thrift shop and browsed for an hour to find a hardback book that was in good shape, not too ugly, the right size all the way around and in thickness and one that wasn't TOO good to demolish.   I found the perfect book, and it's not fabric, which is good, it won't get dirty. 
I cut the pages completely out with an exacto knife, in 2 big cuts, the pages all lifted right out.  Then I put fabric over the spine area to give it a finished look and some additional strength.  I used tacky glue but a watery one would have been easier.  Then I made the pocket piece that will support the e-reader.  This was the fiddliest part.

I took a long piece of fabric, an inch wider and about 5" longer than twice the length of the book back, folded it WST and pressed the crease.  Then I put the reader on that and marked where I wanted the pocket to be, right below the little buttons.  I pinned that fold to one layer of the fabric. I then turned it RST and sewed one long seam, catching that fold in place.  Turned it out, tried it on the book and put the reader in it, determined where the other side seam needed to be, turned inside out again and sewed that other long seam.  I left the top open.  Turned it right side out, pressed it, and top stitched that pocket into place, after I was sure everything was fitting the way I wanted it to.  


 Then I put it on the book back, determined where I wanted the elastic to be, sewed that down and then tried it on again.  (See why you couldn't really make this for other people?  You'd have to have their e-reader in your hand to make this all fit right.) I adjusted the top, folded it down, pressed and top stitched again, all the way around and thru the middle so nothing can slip around later.  Be sure to try it on the reader before you sew down the elastic- you want it snug but not so tight that it wants to rip it off the book after it's glued down.

 I glued most of this piece down with more tacky glue but I didn't glue the pocket piece down.  In order to get a snug fit on the reader, this piece has to stay loose.  So the bottom inch or so is free. 

 I covered the left inside piece with the same fabric and more glue.  My stylus fits nicely in the spine. 

It feels perfect in my hand!  Reading in bed is so much easier now, I can just prop this on my blanket and read like I used to do.  I don't worry so much about dropping it either, if I nod off while reading.  I usually feel it when the book slips out of my hand.  And I always feel it when it hits me in the head!  lol

 Nosey Parker supervised the entire project, which didn't take too long, except for the glue drying time.  :)

 I made a closure with more black elastic and a cat collar clasp.  I punched 2 tiny holes thru the back of the book where the elastic was going to be and sewed thru it to keep the little belt in place, I can't lose it that way.  I used a hammer and small nail to do that.  A drill might have worked, too, but I have had drill bits grab onto fabric before and twist and wreck it, so I thought the nail was the better plan.

Parker is giving it 2 thumbs up!  Well, she would if she had thumbs!  :)

I'm going to make myself a few more of these so I can change them around for the seasons.  I hope I can find something while I'm in TX, next week.  I would love to find a funny title.  Then I could read the book AND tear it apart.  :)  


Chris said...

Yippee! This is perfect......thanks, Susan.

Annie said...

...fiddliest? it! This is a great idea. Next book you look for...look for the title to be something like "10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Destroy Books" or "A Real Page Turner" or .....alright, this could get carried away! :-)

Gayla said...

You are amazing!!!!!!

Kritta22 said...

you are soo creative

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Looks so neat and Parker is really a cutie!