Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Girl time is the BEST time!

 Time for a get-away!  No, not to the beach, but I'm heading down to TX to a GF's  for a week or so.  We're jumping into the car again to head to Louisiana to another friend's house, to hang with her for a few days. 

 Here we are a couple of years ago at the beach- Jen, me, Lisa and Kate.  (Kate won't be with us this time, though.)  It was so cold and windy but we didn't care, we were on vacation!

 Lisa and Jennifer, 5 AM, I am a task-mistress! Get up, get up, get up, we have a long way to go today, fun awaits!  Jen has on her shrimpy Mardi Gras beads and Lisa is wearing her Star Trek communicator so we wouldn't lose her.  lol

Our friend Tiger made us all scarves that trip! The light above Jen's head looks like a big gold bow, bwahahahah!
So we're off to have more fun, see ya when I get back!


carol said...

Have a great time. You surely deserve it!

Jen_TX said...

I agree! Girlfriend trips are the best. Especially with the right girlfriends! That trip to Florida was a blast.....and that's 5am WITH hair and makeup done! LOL Who wants to waste time sleeping when there is fun, fun, fun to be had! :-)

Drive with skill....don't forget your swim suit so we can swim in the bayou!