Thursday, June 30, 2011

I actually made a THING, but I did it with..... BITTIES! lol

 From this ugly thing.... (already disassembled, sorry) ...given to me by my mother-

To this!

Made with bitties from the sewing theme- this is the other side of it-

 The bottom- the straps keep it from opening up too wide and putting too much stress on the corners of the tote at the top.  The little straps are sewn to the bottom of the bag, just tacked in the middle to keep them from drooping and dragging on the floor when it's folded closed.

Inside- a long gathered pocket divided into 3 sections and a strap for carrying.  Lining is Amy Butler fabric, just soft and lovely to work with.

The 2 sides- pinks on one side, yellows on the other....

All folded up and ready to tote! 

 I'm really pleased with how this came out.  I finally got to use some of my accumulated bitty blocks and for such a useful item, too.  I was going to use the old cover for a pattern but it was so complicated once I got it all apart that I decided it would be easier to start from scratch.  Plus- I was only able to get one piece of the dowel loose, which made it even harder to recover.  It was just easier to start anew.

Our new theme is Modern/Solid blocks- these are what I made.  The black bit is raw edge appliqued, I couldn't piece anything that small with curves. The blocks are 3.5" square.

And the other group is Clothing/Accessories- I made little ponchos with hangers.  I had a poncho in the 70's that was my favorite thing to wear, next to my jeans.  :)  I still have it, too!

 And my little helper, Gravey! 

So what are YOU working on these days?


Pam said...

That's an absolutely wonderful idea! I love how it turned out. Thanks for reminding me that I can use some of my favorite fabrics or blocks to make things to use, besides quits. I love those bitty mod blocks too. Cats just always have to make the photo about them, don't the? lol

carol said...

I LOVE your modern bitty blocks. I hadn't seen those yet! Love your project too! So creative!

Cindy Sharp said...

Gravy wants a poncho!

Jen_TX said...

WOW! LOVE the sewing caddy....such a professional looking job and a great use of the bitties.

Your modern blocks look awesome's hard for me to imagine actually sewing pieces together and making a 3.5 inch block. Talk about a bitty...that's itty bitty! LOL

Love those poncho blocks and how it looks like they are swaying in a gentle breeze on the hangar. I had a crocheted poncho in Jr. High and I loved that thing too.

Miss Gravey is looking positively malnourished! Is she getting longer or is that just a good camera angle for her? :-) Tell her Aunt Jen is flinging a rubber band down the hall for her!