Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas with the parents and other fun stuff!

We had a really nice, stress-free holiday this year, again.  My parents came over for a dinner of prime rib, roasted potatoes, broccoli, warm rolls and spiced peaches.  Key lime pie for dessert with real whipped cream made by my husband.  He also cooked the meat to perfection in our convection oven, that convection feature really sears the juices into the meat.  And he was so helpful around the house, too, getting ready for company, he dusted and cleaned the chandelier and did dishes for me.  I have such a wonderful husband and I know it.  After we ate, we played a game called "Fact or Crap" and it was fun and informative.  We all had a great time.  Sent half the leftovers home with the parents so they were set for dinners for a couple of nights.

We were also dealing with a sick kitty- Gravey stopped eating around Tuesday and we took her to the vet where it was discovered that she had a fever and was sick to her tummy AND she had round worms. A shot, some antibiotics and a topical de-wormer, along with 3 days of us force-feeding her watered down baby food, and she finally started eating on her own late on Christmas day, which was a huge relief for us, we were very worried about her.  She's still getting her antibiotic, but is obviously feeling back to her sweet, rascally self!  Yay for that.  She found a folded up, unfinished quilt to rest on as she recovered. 

I finally put together one of the mini quilts made from swapped bitty blocks.  These blocks finish up at 3" square.  This is the circus set, I only made the one in the bottom left corner, the guy falling off the trapeze.  :)  The other 8 were made by friends.  I did a simple quilting on it and I really like how it turned out.  Currently we're swapping birds, that's going to make a really cute quilt. 

You can see the quilting better on the back.

I also made a couple of special order sewing caddies for a friend to give her moms for Christmas.  She sent me the fabrics and this is what I came up with.  Almost identical so the moms won't fight over them.  :) 


I finished up one of my 2 hexagon quilts and gave this one to my mother for her 90th birthday that she celebrated last week!  She likes it, she's all about color, too.  That is obviously where I get it from! 

I hope everyone had lovely holidays, too, I know we did.  Have a great New Year's Eve, too!


Isisjem said...

Wow I love your hexie hexaganol

Lara said...

Wonderful crafting. Loving your use of colour as always!

Silvia LGD (Little Green Doll) said...

Glad that you're having a wonderful Christmas!! I wish you a Happy New Year 2011!! :) Hugs, Silvia

Tonya Ricucci said...

Poor Gravey, sweet little cat. Glad to hear she's recovering well. love that hexagon quilt - it's a beauty. Sounds like a wonderful holiday, especially spending time with your folks.