Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New swaps to sneak a peek at, kitter cats and poached eggs, too!

I haven't shown you too much of Gravey, she's not as photogenic as Nosey Parker and I never seem to have a camera handy when she's doing something cute. ! They are getting along really well, though, playing, sleeping, exploring, all together but separately sometimes, too.

I love these kind of shots, where she's puzzling over something, it's such a cute look!

We are very pleased at how NP has accepted her. They sleep slammed up against me and try to cook me every night. It's great when I'm first in bed and cold, but dang, they're hot little heaters! I wake up around 2 AM just melting.

I'm in the Mini QT swap again and this time the theme is "houses". I have a really fun partner, Fun and Comfort Quilts, a really talented lady named Karen, and she and I like the same kind of whimsical, fun stuff, fortunately! I can't show you much, but here is a peek at part of what will be in it. The whole thing is only 12" square, max. This is just a tiny part of that.

And I'm in the last placemat swap that Sarah is going to run. I did the last one, too, remember the beach houses on stilts? Well, this time, my partner, Julie, and I are doing liberated (wonky) placemats using Kaffe Fassett fabrics, which are the colored fabrics in this photo.

This is just a sneak of one side, I'm making the other side today.
It's going to be appliqued, I think.

I've done a few other things this last week, too, but I can't show you just yet. Mysterious, huh? Not a really big deal, though, it's nothing major, just a couple of surprises in the mail.

And I don't think I showed my new egg poachers- little silicon cups that float in boiling water, you cover it so they steam from the top, too and then you pop them out and voila! Poached eggs, aren't they cute?

Blurry shot, sorry, it's not your eyes! I like the little dome of egg that you get. I found the cups at Bed, Bath and Beyond, on sale for $6 for the set of 2. What a great price! We love poached eggs.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I just love the name Gravey. My cats try to cool me too. Or sleep on top of me so I don't float of the bed or something.

dolores said...

That is great that your critters have accepted each other...and mini heaters is a bonus!:)

Looking forward to seeing MORE of your creations!

carol said...

Little egg poachers? Pretty soon you'll be just like the Pioneer Woman: (Check out some of her recipes...yum!)

KarrieLyne said...

You're "kitter cats" are just too cute! They seem to enjoy your quilts just as much as my kittens love mine. :)

Tonya Ricucci said...

not as photogenic??? bah! she's a cutie pie and it's sooo fab she and NP get along. I've only got one that has to sleep mashed against me - don't envy you the heat of two!!!

myBearpaw said...

Love that sneak peek - those fabrics are gorgeous, as is your sweet kitty!

Laura said...

Awwww, what a cutie! And I am going to have to check out those egg poachers. Thanks for sharing!