Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cats, dogs, pincushion swap- fun and games at the zoo!

The cats and kitten are settling in. Nosey Parker is enjoying playing with Gravey, mostly in the morning and then right before bedtime. They get pretty wound up! The baby is putting on weight and seems very happy here. She gets to go outside for about an hour every afternoon and I follow her around to keep tabs on her. She needs to learn where she lives, how to get in, how to climb a tree, etc. I hate this part, but there's no way to keep a cat in all the time here, with us opening the doors a thousand times a day for the dogs. So she needs to wise up, as much as I hate it.

Yesterday, she and NP chased a green walnut around on the driveway until they were both exhausted.

After playtime is over- a nap is a must. And it's usually right where I need to be at the time, too.

Somebody figured out that the safety net is great for playing and napping in. She feels so funny, all waffled up like that.

Beeswax would just like to pretend that this is all a bad dream. lol He doesn't like his routine altered at all. But he fits great in the rolly-ball toy!

Quigley, the puppy, is driving me insane. She has no manners and Jim has had company for several days and she's acting out. I had to take her down to the floor yesterday to calm her, she was shrieking and leaping about like an insane dog and was just out of control. She spends a lot of time on her 2 back legs, standing up and leaping on people, I hate that. I did that Alpha dog thing on her and it helped for a bit, may need to do it a few more times, though. She has the attention span of a gnat, unless there's food involved and then she's very determined and obnoxious.

I'm hoping that Jim can drum some manners into her during the next week, I'm heading to TX to visit a friend and he will be in total charge of the zoo.

Swap-wise- I received a lovely pincushion with a bonus mug rug and fabric and thread and Chenille It from my friend, Nannette/Nanotchka over at Flickr. What a great swap! She made me a mug rug kind of by accident, lol, and then decided to make me the pincushion to match. I just love all of it, the fish pincushion has a 3D fin that is actually a needle case! VERY COOL! Thank you so much, Nannette! I love it all and really appreciate it. She also made me a card with a bird on it, this is such a keeper of a card!

Next post I'll show you what I sent my pincushion partner. :) She's already gotten it and seems to like it.


Tonya Ricucci said...

so glad NP and G are having a great time playing together. woohoo. my kittens used to drive me nuts and now that they're older I really miss it...

sallgood said...

I love your pet pics!So much action at your place all the time!!! (And love the fish fin/needle case. Soo cute!)

Dena said...

Love the action kitty shot. You are going to TX? me too, but not until Nov. Hope you have a safe and fun trip and we will miss you.

Coffeebean's Dailies said...

I also love to read about the 'zoo' at your place! My kitties still play but right now they are loveable as I got them BOTH shaved (Lion Cut). They are long haired Persians and it seems to work well to get all the knots out of them and also when their backsides get grungy it's time for a shave! So, they feel 'nekkid' and cuddle a lot! Otherwise, they don't!!
Have a lovely time in TX!

Spiced Coffee said...

Found your blog!! How fun to find some new photos of your precious little fur babies!!

Teje said...

Hello! Lovely post! You cats have great places to enjoy their life! You make so lovely handworks! Always enjoy visiting you!
Wishes Teje