Monday, July 13, 2009

Cuteness to the 10th degree....

Peek-a-BOO! The baby is having fun playing in her big brothers' old bed underneath a tatty old kitty quilt that I made over 20 years ago. It's totally worn out and falling apart but it's SO soft, she just loves it. OK, I just love it more. lol

There's some poor white trash in this house!

And all flaked out of the 4th of July, in her red/white/blue collar. She slept thru any fireworks, as did we! This "getting up at 4:30 to play with the kitten" stuff is wearing us out!

"MOHM! At least let me fix my face before you snap a picture!" Caught her in mid-yawn.

"Do you love me, Mom? Am I just the cutest thing ever?" Yes, dearheart- you are! And I do. And so does Daddy.

Doesn't she look calm here? IT'S ALL AN ACT! She's such a little faker. lol

Ask the other cats, they'll rat her out! She's a little crazed monster but she's so much fun and so cute and entertaining. And when she crawls into your lap for a little nap, your heart just about bursts because you know- she NEEDS you! And she wants you,it's so flattering.
Yes. We ARE saps!


Lynz said...

Oh. My. God. How could you NOT fall in love with that we face? Bless her cotton socks. (and I'm still giggling at the white trash!)

Anonymous said...

Keep those photos coming of WT. Wish I had one just like her.
Couldn't be any cuter.


Heidi said...

Do you talk for your cats? We do :) I love the pictures and the comments. You made my Tuesday morning!

Susan said...

Why, yes I do talk to them and for them and we have voices for them and everything, Heidi. lol NP's voice is currently very high and squeaky and a bit plaintive. Hopefully that will deepen with age because it's hard on my vocal cords. lol

Lynz, my mum is always blessing my little cotton socks, too. lol You Brits. I have a friend who nicknamed me "HalfBrit", which cracks me up because it's like "halfwit". ;) I use HalfBrit over on Craftster.

Thanks for admiring my Nosey Parker! She's a real fun little cat- growing like a weed, though, I wish I could slow her down!

Dana said...

Ok. Your right. You cat is every bit as adorable as my pups. :)

Susan said...

WELL! And so nice of you to admit it, Dana! rofl Of course, you have 2 of them, so that's worth a few extra points for you. A tie is good!

I love your pups. And puppy breath. And even those sharp little teeth and nails, I love everything puppy. And kitty. And baby whatever. I'm a sucker for a baby critter. And apparently, quilt alongs, too! lol