Monday, May 11, 2009

Irises in the pond.....

Yes, I know it's hard to believe, but I actually stepped foot out of the house and into the soggy yard area to get a few pix of our water-blooming irises. We have a decent sized pond out where we feed the deer and in it are 2 different kinds of irises. The yellow ones bloom first, purple ones will follow in a few weeks. As you can see, it's been quite rainy around here, the pond is full and the plants are waking up. We have parrot feather/fern and floating hearts, fiber optic grass, yellow lotuses and irises. There are frogs and tadpoles and sometimes even fish and an occasional water snake, ugh. Murphy likes to hunt frogs here.

Two of the cats followed us down there and were so funny- when they got to the real soggy parts of the yard they would run like hell through them just to get it over with, I guess. I didn't know Murphy could still run like that, he's a bit "lunchy" as my mother would say. lol

About 16 years ago, the county was giving away tiny little trees, they looked like twigs in a cup. Jim figured out which tree was which as they weren't labeled and he planted one in this spot, a green ash. He nearly mowed it down several times, it was almost impossible to see in the tall grass, but it lived and look at it now! It's right next to the pond and now he's so proud and I'm amazed at what a gorgeous tree it turned out to be.

Now, if only it would stop raining so much and dry up a bit and WARM up, I'm too cold for nearly mid-May!


MaryAnn said...

Your water-blooming irises are so pretty! I've always wanted a pond and maybe one day will get one.

Come to Texas. It's hot and dry here!

Susan said...

Sounds good to me, sweetie! We're going to have a bumper crop of mosquitos, for sure.