Saturday, September 5, 2009

We have a drawing winner! Finally....

I'm sorry about the delay, it's a long story but suffice it to say I had no cell phone and no internet for about 36 hours and I hated that! I had so much to do and couldn't do any of it. So I quilted a quilt instead and first thing this morning headed to the big city to get a new phone and new USB modem. A few glitches during set up and finally I'm back in business. Phew.

So, on to the drawing! Thirteen of you signed up for a chance to win the original sewing organizer, thank you all so much!

We set up the rolly-ball thing that Nosey Parker just loves. These are the set-up photos...

Waiting on a kitten....

Oh, good, she's here. She looks a little dozey, though, what did you, Daddy, wake her up? Oh. Yeah, he did!

She wasn't real happy about it, either. I'm pretty sure I heard her complaining about having to do EVERYTHING around this joint. Twerp. Then she thought it would be fun to pull all the numbers off and try to eat them, some of them were pretty yommed by the time this was over. See that 5? It's got a lot of little holes in it and it's not in the right place, a MAN put it back. Did I tell you she was a twerp? It's true. She is.

Finally, she deigned to give it a push and the game was ON!

Man, that was exhausting work! Around and around and around she goes, and where it stops, nobody knows..... until it's stopped. Then it's obvious. lol

And the winner is- NOVA! She was the 9th poster on the giveaway. Nova, I'll contact you for your address, congratulations! Or you can email me at
flossieblossoms at yahoo dot com

Thanks again, everyone and again, I'm sorry about the delay! For Nosey's reward for a job well done, Daddy has taken her outside to run around. Her little tree escapades are giving us nightmares, but she has to learn because it's only a matter of days, probably, before she figures out the cat doors. I'm surprised she didn't figure them out weeks ago, frankly, she's usually quite bright, for a twerp!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Giveaway time! Sewing Organizer- Version 1.0.....

How would you like a chance to win the original sewing organizer I made? I used Kaffe Fassett materials for both the inside and the outside. Since I did actually USE it for a few days, I can't sell it on Etsy, but I can sure give it away! I've just washed it and it's in the dryer right now. It's just like new, you wouldn't ever know it wasn't if I hadn't told you. I mean, it's not like it's half-eaten or anything! rofl
If you'd like a chance to win this, just leave a comment on this post. You don't have to do anything else but you're certainly welcome to spread the word. And if you would like to make your own sewing organizer, I posted a tutorial this morning.
I'll pick a winner on Friday morning using a random generator that I call Nosey Parker. We'll figure out a way to have her pick the winner. :) Good luck!
This is my 4th post today, how odd. At this rate, I'll hit the hundred mark.... oh, tomorrow! lol